TAWorship – Real Estate Agent Jazmin Love

Jazmin is a real estate agent and has a night club to sell. Jazmin is showing it off to her client Sophie but she seems unsure about the price. Jazmin invites her over to her desk so they can go over some numbers. Sophie sits across for Jazmin as Jazmin types on her laptop. All of a sudden Sophie feels something silky go up her leg. Sophie looks up at Jazmin. Jazmin tells Sophie she knows she was staring at her legs and she knows what she wants. Sophie tries to play coy but cannot help but love the feel of Jazmins feet. Jazmin tells Sophie there is a deal to be made. Jazmin puts her feet up on the table and lets Sohie know she can have her feet if she agrees to buying the club. Sophie has no choice she goes after Jazmins feet and agrees to whatever she wants.

Length: 17:20
Resolution: 4096×2160

Download – Real Estate Agent Jazmin Love

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