TAWorship – Delilah’s Decision Wearing Socks on a Hot Day

The temperature is rising in this sunny locale, flip flops should be worn, but our girl Delilah decided to wear thigh high white socks in stuffy sneakers resulting in sweaty, smelly, socks and feet. Poor Delilah, she confesses her mistake to Maddy who really wants to see just how stinky and sweaty the feet are. Slowly peeling off the white thigh high socks, Maddy Teases Delilah, slowly pulling the socks off, but does Maddy have an ulterior motive in all of this? I would say so as she relishes every inch of those sweaty smelly feet, licking, sucking, and worshipping them as they should be worshipped.

Length: 15:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Delilah’s Decision Wearing Socks on a Hot Day

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