TAWorship – Caught Smelling Izzy’s Feet

Izzy and her best friend Stella have decided to stay in watch some movies. Izzy asks Stella if she would like to come up on the sofa and have a seat. Stella insist she more comfortable on the floor and for Izzy to just relax and stretch her legs out. Izzy says OK and they begin to watch a movie. Stella’s eyes are locked onto Izzy’s feet and wants more then anything to get a whiff. Stella waits for her best opportunity and goes in for it. Stella takes a big whiff of Izzy’s socked feet. Izzy immediately looks down and catches Stella in the act. Izzy laughs and ask what Stella is doing. Stella tries to play coy and acts like she doesn’t know what Izzy is talking about. Izzy is not letting this go she then takes off her socks and puts them in Stella’s face. Izzy inches her feet closer to Stella’s face. Stella can no longer take it she goes after Izzy’s feet. Izzy being the good friend she is laughs it off and lets her roommate have her fun.

Length: 15:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Caught Smelling Izzy’s Feet

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