TAWorship – Behind The Bar

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Sunshine is having a bad night. Sunshine is at the bar and visibly distressed. Bartender Macy goes to pour Sunshine a glass of wine and cannot help but to ask if everything is OK. Sunshine tells Macy her life has become boring and was hoping tonight she would have a bit of fun. Unfortunately for Sunshine tonight did not give her what she was looking for and cannot hope to mope. Sunshine notices Macy is dangling her shoe off her foot and asks if she has had a long day. Macy explains it has been a long shift and she super tired. Sunshine comes up with an idea that will be fun and give Macy some relief on her tired feet. Sunshine goes behind the bar and tells Macy to sit. Macy is shocked and ask Sunshine what she is doing. Sunshine tells her to be quiet and no one will see also she will be leaving a big tip. Sunshine grabs Macy’s foot and takes off her heel. Sunshine then sticks Macy’s toes in her wet mouth then licks every inch of Macy’s foot. Macy cannot stop Sunshine it feels too good. Macy lays back as Sunshine devours Macy’s feet. Sunshine now has a smile on her face and is having a great night’

Length: 16:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

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