TAWorship – Ava The Intern

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Ava wants to finally move up and go from intern to full-time employee. Ava meets with her boss Delilah and pleads with her to give her a full-time job. Delilah explains to her lots of other interns want to move up to a full-time job so she is going to have to prove herself by proving her loyalty to her. Ava tells Delilah she is willing to do whatever it takes thats when Delilah sticks out her pantyhose-clad foot and demands for her to worship her feet. Ava is puzzled and does not understand. Delilah explains to her feet her hurt and they’re kinda sweaty and if she wants the job she is going to have to pamper her feet. Ava understands and worships Delilah’s pantyhose-clad feet. Delilah wants her feet worshipped bare so she rips open her pantyhose and has Ava worship her bare feet. Ava goes after her bosses her feet and makes sure she does a good enough job to get the job she wants.

Length: 14:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

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