TAWorship – Aiden’s Smelly Boots

Aiden has had a super long day. Aiden has been wearing her favorite boots to go shopping and walk all around in the heat. Aiden has her feet up on the sofa and Andi asks if she can take them off. Aiden apologizes as Andi unlaces and takes off her boots. As soon as Aidens boots slip off the fumes of Aidens feet take up the whole room. Aiden apologizes Aiden comments how strong they smell. Andi can’t help but like this smell and want more! Andi asks if she can pamper Aidens tired feet. Aiden has had a long day and is happy to let Andi have her way with her feet. Andi slips off Aidens smelly boot and foot worships every inch of Aidens smelly toes and soles.

Length: 17:37
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Aidens Smelly Boots

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