TAWorship – After Shopping Debt

Kylie and Lilly have had a long day of shopping. Lilly forgot her credit card so Kylie landed up paying fo Lilly’s clothes. Lilly and Kylie get back to there apartment and Lilly tells Kylie she is going to run to the ATM to pay her back. Kylie stops her and tells Lilly she does not have to do that instead she has another way to pay her back. Lilly a bit puzzled asks her what she means. Kylie tells Lilly her feet are tired from shopping all day and if she pampers them she will forget about what she owes her. Lilly still a bit puzzled reluctantly agrees. Kylie warns her feet are a bit sweaty but she could really use some love on them. Kylie sticks out her sweaty socks and Lilly gets on her knees. Lilly then licks kisses and sucks kylie’s toes and soles until she pays off her debts.

Duration: 16:07.520
Size: 459,161 Mb

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