RussianGirlsInDistress – Suck my feet better, everybody watching you!

Maya is a business girl and is not used to putting up with poor service in establishments. When the waitress once again makes a mistake, Maya runs out of patience and she decides to teach a lesson, especially since the manager of the establishment is her friend. Maya in a stern tone tells the waitress to sit on her knees. She was taken aback, there are people around and in general it”s very strange! Maya sits her down on the floor with her hand, rubs her T-shirt with her feet, exposing her tits. After removing this item of clothing, Maya puts her feet on her face – “Lick them!”. The waitress can”t get out of this situation, she has to obey. Right in front of the cafe”s visitors, Maya puts her toes deep into the waitress”s mouth, also presses her hand on her head, making her to suck intensively. Then she sits down on a chair more comfortably and puts her feet on the table, tells the waitress to continue, slaps her ass and pinches her nipples. A couple from the next table asks to take their order and the waitress tried to go to them, but Maya quickly cut her off. People are confused, but curious to watch what is happening and even take pictures on the phone camera. Maya orders to lie down on the floor, then puts feet directly on the face and neck, smothering a little. Teases in the crotch and slaps on the tits – and all this with her feet! When she thinks that”s enough, she shoos away the waitress, relaxes with satisfaction and calls her friend to say that his staff is not so unuseless..

Length: 21:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

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