RussianGirlsInDistress – Maid Initiation: Foot and nipples tickling and licking

Patty is tied down spread eagle on the bed; she is told by Ann that her maids need to tickle and be tickled as she likes, and the way in which they react is what makes them fit for the job. So both Stacy and Ann begin exploring Patty’s feet, being sure to find her sensitive spot and talking to each other when they think they find one. They alternate between tongue and fingers, saying tickle tickle and coochie koo, while they describe how ticklish Patty is. Patty try to resist in the beginning as Ann told her to do, but she quickly give up and start laughing and begging.
They move on her upper body and introduce Patty to nipple tickling and Ann and Stacy alternate licking her nipples and tickling them with their fingers, with sides and underarms tickling; which makes Patty go between laughs and moaning, while she beg them to stop. Stacy tell Ann that she is getting horny and would love to play more with Patty’s feet. So Ann give her permission to tickle Patty’s feet with her tongue and fingers, while she use the hitachi on herself; while Ann tell Patty that she will need to be a good girl and let her coworker to have some fun; asking her to not resist and let it go; then she proceed to tickle Patty’s nipples and underarms while teasing her, so Stacy get even more horny. After a bit Patty submit and start begging, saying that she will do anything they want; they continue to tickle Patty for a bit, while Ann tell Patty that she is a good girl and she is hired.

Length: 15:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

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