RussianGirlsInDistress – Maid Education tickling & licking feet and nipples

Ann is the mistress, Patty apply as new maid and Stacy is the current maid. The video start with Patty walking in the room, where Stacy is tied up with her feet up on the chair and bare soles, while Ann is tickling her slowly with her fingers. Patty seems confused so Ann explain her that this is part of the duties of her maids, and introduce Patty to the tickling fetish, explaining that some people get aroused by tickling or being tickled, while she show how to tickle Stacy’s feet. Patty seems intrigued and begin following Ann’s instructions, tickling Stacy’s feet with her fingers with Ann.
After few minutes, Ann show her how to use her tongue too, explaining that some areas are very sensitive to light touches; so they both tickle Stacy’s feet with their hands and tongue, while Stacy laugh, while Ann praise Patty for how good she is tickling. Then Ann show Patty how to tickle the upper body, showing how to tickle armpits and sides, and then move on the nipples, using her fingers at first and then her tongue, explaining that sexual stimulation is a good way to increase ticklish reactions. She also tell her that saying things like “tickle tickle” and “koochie koo” increase ticklishness. So after the explanation they both tickle Stacy’s nipples, sides and underarms while Stacy laugh. After Ann ask Patty to continue on Stacy’s feet, while she use the hitachi on Stacy, while continuing to tickle and lick her nipples; which make Stacy laugh and moan until she surrender.

Length: 16:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

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