RussianGirlsInDistress – Feet Maniac has 2 victims to play

Tired Yuno came home from work, in a hurry to play with her slave. Yuno notices that Lana is able to move. She takes the shot and shows Lana. Lana begs, she wants to leave, it’s too long she has been here. Yuno stings Lana, Lana starts crying. Yuno laughs, she goes to get a new toy, vibrator. But before Yuno wants a foot fetish session, so she licks Lana’s feet. Lana is crying and begging all the time. She can’t move, but able to talk, what makes Yuno very happy. After Yuno plays a bit with Lana with her new toy. The vibrator lies down next to Lana, then climbs on top of her to play with her breasts and lick them. Yuno is expecting a client, who will come and take advantage of Lana. The door rings, it is Foxy. Yuno shows Lana, Foxy can do what she wants except the damage, but she has to pay. Foxy pays and starts to lick Lana’s feet, who begs for help. Foxy laughs, she doesn’t care what she wants. The idea comes to Yuno “why not take advantage of Foxy too?” So she gets a new bite and attack foxy to enjoy her feet. She puts Foxy on the bed, takes off her socks and boots, and starts licking her feet. While Yuno licks Foxy’s feet, she talks with Lana, if she wants to be replaced by Foxy? Of course she wants to leave. But Yuno tells her that she can change Lana’s freedome to Foxys’ live, so Lana must make a choice. Lana agrees. Foxy wakes up, she wonders why she can’t move. Yuno doesn’t answer, but laughs, and put pillow to Foxy’s face till she will not be quite. Then she strips foxy, and licks 4 feet. Lana cries, but Yuno tells Lana that she lied, she will never release her.

Length: 37:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Feet Maniac has 2 victims to play

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