RussianGirlsInDistress – Alice in the WonderFootLand

The evil Queen, who has very beautiful feet, rules the world here. She is a self-confident bitch who has prepared a lot of miracles for Alice. She sits her on her knees in front of her, indicating her place. She orders her beige pumps to be tongue and lips worshiped. Alice tries very hard, she licks her soles with her tongue and sucks on a thin heel with her small mouth. She does it so well that the Queen decides to give her the honor of treating the royal feet. The Queen makes sure that Alice does this carefully, verbally teasing and humiliating her. She makes Alisa a slave to serve her feet. She must learn how to handle the feet in perfection. Queen sometimes helps her by putting her on her feet, putting all her fingers into her mouth and pushing her head up and down, up and down…

Length: 28:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alice in the WonderFootLand

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