RussianFetish – Witch of foot fetish – I need juicy feet! – Double and solo foot worship

Nonna went to bed and didn’t suspect that the Foot Fetish Witch had already entered her house. The girl in the hood went up to Nonna and stroked her legs. As soon as Nona began to wake up, the witch hid nearby. Nonna heard the noise and went to look for the cause of the rustle. The witch decided not to hesitate and went out to meet the girl, she told her that she’s a witch who gets strength from women’s feet and she needs her legs. Nonna was vigilant and tried to resist the witch, but she dodged and used her power to choke Nonna from a distance with the help of magic and the numb girl fell on a sofa. The witch approached Nonna and fondled her body.
Then the witch at a distance made Nonna stand up and lie on a table, here the witch began to remove Nonna’s shoes and it was time to replenish her strength and lick the girl’s feet. The witch began to greedily kiss her feet and lick her toes. This lasted a long time because her reserve of strength was completely exhausted. The witch lay down on the table and licked her feet in this position again.
Suddenly she heard a noise, someone was approaching the door. Then the witch turned off the light and hid.
Alla entered the door – who was also a foot lover. She saw Nonna lying on the table and laughed madly. The laughter seized her and she was glad that she got such a prey easily. She looked forward to a big feast, sat down on a chair next to her feet, and began to lick Nonna’s feet and toes for a while.
The witch didn’t want to lose her prey and came out of hiding. Alla recognized her, this was her past victim. But she didn’t know all the details. The witch admitted that she wasn’t the girl that Alla knew and that the witch had stolen her body to hunt for girls’ feet.
Alla was insane and didn’t believe her, she attacked the witch to knock her out. The witch laughed and said that this won’t work. She directed her hands to Alla and choked her at a distance with magic, directing her to the table – the girl lay down on a par with Nonna.
After that, two girls were in the witch’s power, she took off shoes from Alla and began to lick her feet. The witch licked two pairs of feet, switching between them.
The witch lay down beside the girls and stuffed her mouth with both feet and licked the toes, drooling. This continued for a very long time until the witch replenished her strength.
In the end, the witch put the girls to rest again and left the house.

Length: 46:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

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