RussianFetish – My perverted girlfriend and the call of a new foot fetish Witch

Klavdia comes home upset. She calls her friend and complains about her personal life. Alla on the other end of the line is cheering her friend on. Klavdia calls her friend to visit and Alla willingly agrees.
After a while, Klavdia lets Alla home. Alla is happy and when the girls sit down, she gives Klavdia advice – if everything is bad in your relationships, try to diversify them.
“My boyfriend loves to lick my feet. It’s so nice. Try it the same way!”, Alla advises.
“Yuck! It’s disgusting”, says Klavdia.
Alla is perplexed. And then she offers to try foot fetish right now.
Klavdia backs away from her friend. But Alla is very decisive, she knocks out her so that Klavdia is in a daze. Alla licks and kisses her smelly feet. A little later, Alla calls a foot fetish witch, because she promised her to always sacrifice the girls’ feet.
The foot witch Marica appears in the doorway through smoke and heads towards Alla, pushing her away. Now Marica herself begins to enjoy Klavdia’s feet. Klavdia can only beg to stop.
After a while, Marica orders Alla to lie down next to Klavdia and takes her shoes off. She gives her nail polish and Alla dutifully paints her toenails with it.
After that, Marica charms the girls to freeze and they can only shake and speak quietly. The foot fetish witch enjoys both pairs of feet by licking them and caressing them with her tongue.
After that, she takes a selfie with the girls’ feet and laughs at them. She takes off the girls’ outerwear and bites and kisses their bellies. Marica also lifts Alla’s bra and bites her nipples. She enjoys the girls’ bodies and finally uses her spell one last time and leaves them alone.

Length: 36:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

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