RussianFetish – Happy birthday, Alla! – Two gifts for a foot fetish pervert

Today is Alla’s birthday and she expects a lot of gifts. When she enters the room, she sees that there is something covered with a blanket on the table. From above, she notices a bouquet and a sheet of paper with the number 1. She slowly and with pleasure reads it aloud – “Happy birthday, Alla! I wish you a healthy and happy life. Your first present is under the sheet. Take your time and enjoy it! Your secret admirer”.

Alla is in anticipation… She takes the bouquet from above and removes the coverlet, under it she sees a napping girl, holding a box – an additional gift that doesn’t interest Alla of course. She realizes that the gift is about her favorite fetish – foot worshiping of beautiful napping girls.

Alla slowly takes off shoes from the napping beauty and begins to enjoy her feet, kissing her toes and soles. She sits down in a chair and, like a princess, does what she wants. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door and she quickly opens it. There’s no one outside the door but a large box with a piece of paper with the number 2 written on it. She reads aloud the message: “Open this gift after the first one. Use the tool to keep both gifts from waking up”.

Alla brings the box into the room and opens it. There’s another napping girl in socks! She recognizes her – this is her past neighbor Marica, whose legs she wanted to lick for a long time but hadn’t such a chance.
Alla pulls her legs out and takes off her socks to enjoy the beautiful soft feet. She sits down more comfortably and enjoys the feet of the second girl for a long time. She licks her feet and toes and she loves it madly.

When Alla walks away, the girl from the box suddenly wakes up and tries to get up. But Alla is already warned – she sneaks up behind and puts the girl to rest. Then she lays her down next to the first one.
She lifts the pullovers of both girls and begins to bite and kiss their beautiful breasts and nipples. Alla is already on a verge of ecstasy.

She places both girls’ feet together and licks them at the same time and in turn. She then positions herself between their feet and licks the arches of their feet.
Alla is very happy. After enjoying the gifts, she leaves the room.

Length: 40:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

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