RussianFetish – Foot-Fetish Lovers – Dark Ariel’s new victim Arcadia + Kissing each other’s feet

Arcadia stopped somewhere on the outskirts of the city to pee and when she returned to the car, she decided to dream a little. She took off her shoes and threw her bare feet out the open window. The rain wet her feet and Arcadia imagined her feet being licked. Yes, in this universe all girls love foot fetish 🙂
Dark Ariel passing by saw a girl’s bare feet sticking out of a car window. She decided to tickle her beautiful soles, and Arcadia, who was thoughtful, didn’t immediately understand what was the matter.

After prolonged caresses with her tongue and lips, Ariel moved away. Arcadia woke up and thought that she had dreamed it all as if raindrops were licking her feet. She decided to sneak into the back seat flashing her beautiful soles. She took off her outer clothes and stretched out her legs, she was hoping that sweet dreams would come true.

Ariel at that time was watching the girl and got into the car to tickle and lick the soles greedily again. She smirked as the girl laughed from the tickling and moaned from kisses.
Ariel decided to move closer to Arcadia and then she realized that the stranger was real and began to undress Ariel. “What a sexy stranger,” she whispered languidly. Arcadia took off her shoes and began to kiss her toes and feet. The girls were excited and happy.

In the end, Ariel couldn’t just leave her new girlfriend, and while she was in ecstasy, she tied Arcadia’s hands, tickled her beautiful breasts and went out into the cold rain. Poor Arcadia got alone, excited, with no idea what was going on. She struggled in vain to get out while Ariel, leaving, looked after her…

Length: 25:49
Resolution: 1280×720

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