RFStudioProduction – Geralda discovers a new experience – Licking and spanking her feet by Pandora

In this video, securely bound to a bench, Geralda decides to explore a completely new experience for herself – the combination of foot worship and bastinado. Geralda, as always, is a bit feisty and apprehensive, but her dominant partner, Pandora , knows just how to approach her. Geralda has a deep fondness for Pandora, and their dynamic is enthusiastic and playful.

Pandora begins by licking Geralda’s soles, evoking intense sensations. Then, Pandora takes a whip and starts to apply it to Geralda’s soles, to which she responds with passion. At this point, Pandora decides to introduce a ballgag to enhance the experience, and it’s worth noting that this decision was spontaneous and even surprised me – Pandora is truly skilled in the art of torment.

As Geralda’s sounds subside a bit due to the gag, Pandora, after giving Geralda’s neck a gentle squeeze, once again focuses on her feet, continuing the captivating combination of foot licking and bastinado, occasionally incorporating a Wartenberg’s pinwheel for added sensation.

The session culminates with powerful slaps to the soles, overwhelming sensations that bring Geralda to tears. In response, Pandora decides to soothe her with affectionate caresses on her face and neck, all while keeping the ballgag in place. Enjoy!

Length: 13:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Geralda discovers a new experience – Licking and spanking her feet by Pandora

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