RFStudioProduction – Bad Security Guard and Domineering Agent – Kristy makes prisoner Ariel licks her feet

Cunning Agent Kristy is once again wandering through notorious places in search of villains. She comes across a suspicious basement and decides to investigate it. Suddenly, the lights go out, and she screams.
It turns out that at that moment, Dark Ariel was on guard duty, and upon discovering Kristy, she decided to set a trap for her. Ariel turned off the lights and went to check on the agent.
She turned the lights back on but didn’t find anyone. She went back.
At that moment, Kristy was ready and pounced on Ariel, knocking her out on the floor.

Fortunately, there was a cell nearby. And Kristy had a plan.
Sometime later, Ariel was lying in the cell, looking very pathetic. Kristy tapped on the bars of the cell. Now she took off her pants, revealing her slender legs. “You will obey me,” Kristy said, pressing Ariel’s face against the bars.
Now Kristy took off her socks and made the girl lick her beautiful feet. It seems the girl enjoyed it too.
She worshipped Kristy’s feet in different positions, and drool ran down Kristy’s soft, sun-kissed toes.

Now the agent threw the key near the cell and gave the girl a chance to escape. Ariel hastily opened the cell, and Kristy pulled her along on a leash. Ariel obeyed, and the dominant agent pushed the girl onto the cell, sat on the throne, and presented her feet for further licking and indulgence.

Later, Kristy climbed onto the cell and, as a true dominatrix, stretched her legs downward for Ariel to continue licking them. Then Kristy sat at the feet of her submissive and extended her feet for pleasure. Both girls enjoyed it immensely. They both moaned… But in the end, when Kristy got bored, she descended, fastened the leash with a chain to the cell, and left Dark Ariel alone…

Length: 22:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

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