RFStudioProduction – Alla, Aksinja and Ariel and Foot Fetish Stone

The story
Aksinya knew that somewhere nearby there was a hidden artifact – a strong foot-fetish stone that gathered the power of all the beautiful legs licked by the Witch.
Aksinya almost found the cherished place as she felt a strong noise in her head. Not understanding what was happening, she continued to walk forward. A dark figure appeared behind her with raised hands. The figure became even closer, completely behind the girl. A sharp pain stunned Aksinya and she collapsed on the shoulders of the Foot-Fetish Witch.

Alla, who couldn’t find her friend, went in search of her. She had already reached the place, at the ruined hut. The coveted stone in the form of a skull was already visible. Alla picked it up and shook off the cobwebs. The witch was right there and raised her hands to stun Alla. The girl screamed in pain and dropped the stone.

The wicked Witch dragged both girls into her car and took Alla’s shoes off. She eagerly licked Alla’s bare feet and really liked it, she gained her strength again. The Witch licked the most delicious spots between toes and sucked them. Then she switched to Aksinya in the back seat – she took off her shoes and realized that her feet are very similar to Alla’s, also big and sexy.

After a while, the Witch decided to lead them to her lair. Arriving there, the Witch put napping Alla on the table and then did the same with Aksinya. Then she stripped down both girls to underwear and enjoyed the view. She proceeded to lick their feet for a long time. First, she licked Alla’s feet. Then she licked the feet of both girls.

Aksinya suddenly woke up and the Witch put her to rest again so that she wouldn’t interfere. She did the same with Alla.
In the end, smacking her lips, she sucked and licked their big feet. Then the Foot-Fetish Witch left full of power, leaving the girls alone.

Length: 35:00
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Alla, Aksinja and Ariel and Foot Fetish Stone

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