PleasuresOfTheSole – Christina Carter

Age: 39

Foot Size: 9


Hot MILF Christina Carter is relaxing on the bed TOPLESS and ready to have her feet worshipped – and deservedly so! Courtney and Dacey tickled her feet WAY too hard earlier and now they’re going to make up for it – WITH THEIR TONGUES!

Christina moans sensually as the girls firmly plant their soft lips and warm tongues on her WRINKLED SOLES! They kiss, lick, and suck on her wide soles and toes, tasting her bare feet. The girls moan with their own pleasure when they see Christina’s nipples getting hard from the foot worship.

“YOU GIRLS ARE SO… OH, MMM…. GOOD AT THAT…” whispers Christina as her toes are sucked.

Courtney breathes in deeply. “MMMM… YOUR SOLES SMELL WONDERFUL!” she declares.

The girls proceed to devour Christina’s feet, with multiple deep throats of her ENTIRE FOOT DOWN THEIR THROAT!! She moans and throws her head back with INTENSE PLEASURE , playing with her bare breasts as every inch of her feet are expertly worshipped! After the girls are finished worshipping Christina’s feet, they ask for her forgiveness – but she’s not ready to forgive them just yet, she wants more foot worship!! Courtney and Dacey feel like they done enough – so they put her feet in a headlock and TICKLE her bare soles until she agrees to forgive them!

Length: 10:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Christina Carter

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