OliviaRose – Stepsis Cucks & Humiliates w BF’s Feet

“You say ok step-bro, we had a bet, and you lost, and now you have to do whatever I say. So show me your dick! I don’t want to, but you tell me I have to cuz I lost. You say do it now step-bro! You tell me to show you, but I refuse. You reach off-screen and yank down my shorts when I’m not ready, and You are in shock and point with SPH at my small white dick. You say what a fucking loser. Your dick is tiny. You have a small dick. A tiny dick. You humiliate me for my small white dick. Now say your gonna be my little bitch! You are super mean and point with SPH at my small white dick with your feet with colorful socks still propped up close to the camera. Then with socked soles POV close to the camera, you make me lick them. You say I’m gonna be your FOOT FAGGOT. You remove both socks so that both bare soles are up close to the camera as you sit on the couch. Then mainly with bare soles in a foot cuckold video, you say lick my soles foot faggy! Do you say you know what you hate? When guys wear flip flops! You love flip flops for girls, but you absolutely hate it when guys wear flip flops! You say boys have not earned the right to wear flip flops. They don’t have pretty feet like girls, and their feet are big and hairy! You talk about how you hate it when guys wear flip flops and that guys should never wear them only for girls because they have pretty feet. You think it’s so gay! You tell me to lick your feet as your little foot faggot. “Well, guess what your gonna make me lick your BOYFRIENDS FEET! Your gonna lick my boyfriend’s big manly feet. I have to lick your BOYFRIENDS MAN FEET first!” You say I will be licking his big sweaty male feet while you watch and laugh. Then you talk about the BBC and how it’s bigger than white dick. You talk about wanting to get fucked by a BBC, and you heard all black guys have huge cocks! And then you search “BBC cock shock” on Google on your phone, and you get surprised at how big the black dicks are, and you show me pictures of huge black dicks next to white girls. You humiliate me. I gonna watch a BBC fuck you, and I will also be sucking his big black dick while you watch and laugh! You keep making me lick your soles as you say I will lick your BBC studs feet as well!”

Length: 13:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stepsis Cucks & Humiliates w BF’s Feet

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