OliviaRose – Practice Patience For Bare Toes

“Sitting on the couch, I’d like you to cross your legs and start slowly dangling your shoe. Without using your hands, try to work the shoe off, so it’s dangling from your perfect toes. Eventually, slowly allow the shoe to fall to the floor and start scrunching and spreading your toes for 10 seconds or so… Then cross your legs the other way and do the same thing with the other shoe. Now while you’re dangling your shoes, I’d like you to say things like, “I know you want to suck my toes, Dean. My toes feet are covered in sheer pantyhose inside these shoes. I bet you can’t wait for me to let these shoes drop to the floor so you can see my feet. I’m going to tease you, so be patient. I’ll let you suck on my toes for as long as you want soon.” (Again, Miss Olivia, it doesn’t have to be verbatim.)

Once you have dangled both of your shoes off, I’d like you to prop your feet up on something, so your soles are right in my face, but I want to see your face, too, in the shot.
Scrunch your toes really tightly over and over again so I can see your nail polish. Spread your toes the best you can and scrunch them up again over and over again. Please get some good close-ups of your soles and your toes as your scrunch them up.
Say things like, “It’s almost time for you to suck on my toes, Dean. I want you to pull at my pantyhose with your teeth. Bite at my toes through my pantyhose.” Then I want you to pull at your pantyhose at the toes and let the pantyhose snap back into place a few times. Pull the pantyhose and scrunch your toes up while the pantyhose are pulled. Let them snap back into place.
Then I want you to sit up and pull your legs up, so your feet are out in front of you, and hold your arms under your legs. Hold this pose for a few minutes and scrunch up your toes over and over again… and spread them. Look into the camera and say things like, “You wanna suck my toes soooo badly, don’t you? Don’t worry… we’re almost there..”
Then, either rip your pantyhose off at the toes or actually take them off and prop your feet up again on something, so your soles are close to the camera, but your face is in the shot.
Then say, “Guess what? It’s time, Dean. It’s time for you to suck on my toes. I want you to suck the polish off my toes. I want you to lick up and down my soles and suck each toe. Go ahead, Dean. Start sucking on my toes..”.
Spread your bare toes and scrunch them up over and over again. Continue talking about me sucking your toes and licking your soles. ”

Length: 18:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Practice Patience For Bare Toes

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