KaylaJaneDanger – Your Best Friend’s Wife; Lets you Stroke

I gave you 2 chances to stop, to turn back, to think of your marriage, consider what your wife might think, to turn away from your insatiable lust for my feet, your weakness for my beauty, but no, you kept going, you had to worship my feet, you had to taste them, and when offered the opportunity to whip it out I remind you of the potential consequences and you still take out your cock and stroke for me, you just can’t help yourself, pleasuring yourself with my feet in your mouth was like a bucket list dream of yours and now, its the reality that might be your undoing. you will have to buy this video to see what happens when you take this path, what the price of stroking for these perfect feet really is

Length: 7:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Your Best Friend’s Wife; Lets you Stroke

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