KaylaJaneDanger – Worshiping Your Best Friend’s Wife

You couldn’t resist the opportunity, you had to see what it would be like, to taste those toes, to be bossed around by this superior woman, this Goddess of a woman who is so far out of your league. You couldn’t just walk away and now you’re right where I want you, you’ve shown me that me and my feet can override your guilt over your wife. You are so weak, like most men, so eager to pleased, so easily led by their cocks. You follow my every command to worship my perfect feet, licking my soles, between my toes, licking and sucking like it’s the once in a lifetime opportunity that it is! Make it count! I will give you the opportunity to take things to the next level, if you’re ready …

Length: 9:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Worshiping Your Best Friend’s Wife

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