KaylaJaneDanger – Worship Flip Flop Feet All Year Round

Just because it’s deep into boot season in the USA, Canada, Europe, It’s still summer where I am. Aren’t you so lucky, so grateful that your Goddess can always be found in a bikini and flip flops! Enjoy watching those tan toes wiggle, and point, and those flip flops flapping on the bottoms of my feet. Take this opportunity to bask in my tropical glow, and worship my black pedicured toes, my high arches, my soft soles, all while I keep my flip flops on, sometimes flapping in your face! Worship my bare or flip flop feet all year long! When I instruct, start to stroke for these perfect flip flop feet, thank me for allowing you to worship my flip flop feet all year long until I count you down to a mind blowing orgasm

Length: 10:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Worship Flip Flop Feet All Year Round

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