KaylaJaneDanger – Whisper Blackmail-Fantasy

I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at my feet, and you finally made your move, you asked me to come inside away from our significant others so you could have a taste of my pretty feet. The thing is I’ve been planning what I’m going to do for some time, once I got you into this position and you are such a horny little bastard that you can’t resist the temptation. By the time you are licking my soles and sucking on my toes its too late, I could be loud and attract everyone’s attention to you worshiping my feet with a big boner, or you can stay quiet while I point out the cameras and tell you exactly what to do so I don’t show the real you to your wife! You’re going to empty your wallet and your balls for me and you’ll be in my pocket for as long as I’m entertained. Listen carefully because I whisper all my instructions, you know, so they don’t hear us!

Length: 7:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Whisper Blackmail-Fantasy

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