KaylaJaneDanger – Total Surrender is at your fingertips

You’re locked up in a cage beneath my desk, as you should be, emasculated, ready to be humiliated into doing whatever I find entertaining and pleasurable to ME. You approached saying you were eager to serve, willing to do anything beneath me … “Anything” I ask, sure you must be mistaken, but you double down and tell me you have no limits, and I use this against you in the best way. You’re going to test your own limits while you explore a multitude of My kinks and fetishes …and learn what matters most in this power exchange! This is a special experience, this is my side of a real session – it’s especially charged, I do use the name ‘nemo’ to refer to my submissive in this session but only a handful of times), but I doubt you’ll mind me calling you by someone else’s name as I wrap you around my little finger, making you eat your words, lick my heels, worship my nylon feet and find yourself breathless beneath my booty!

Length: 12:10
Resolution: 608×1080

Download – Total Surrender is at your fingertips

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