KaylaJaneDanger – The Wolford Wormhole

Wolford Pantyhose and Wolford Bodysuit on your gorgeous Goddess get you primed to worship at first glance, your drooling, erect, heart racing with excitement. What will Goddess show you, what will she ask of you, what will she allow you to do … You are eager for her instruction, always under her control. You are completely triggered by my pantyhose feet, legs & ass – my pantyhose doll parts, aching for them. Watch my dangling patent leather pumps, how they show off my feet, fall deeper under my control, loose yourself in the way my pantyhose power over takes your body. Let the throb in your prick pulse through your body, pulling you deeper into your desires for those pantyhose feet, legs and ass. I tease you within an inch of orgasm without ever touching yourself, before I allow you to slowly start stroking, 1 finger, 2 fingers, 3 fingers, 4 fingers, your whole hand… then ride that edge into the goon zone if you’re lucky, if your dedicated, if you’re consistently spending, stroking and spiraling for your pantyhose Goddess … there is never enough.

Length: 16:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Wolford Wormhole

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