KaylaJaneDanger – The Value of My Feet

I caught you staring at my sandaled feet. I know you think you are being slick, all foot guys think they’re being slick. You prey on the women who don’t know the value of their feet in the eyes or hands or mouth of a foot boy. Empty your wallet for me, while you watch, it’s only fair after all, since you will walk away with a lifetime of jerk off material from this on encounter. Men like you who try to lurk feet for free, really don’t deserve to enjoy and indulge in feet like these, you deserve dry, cracked, blistered, calloused feet, not these soft supple high arched feet of legends ! I will reprogram you to pay my feet, beautiful women’s feet before ever opening your mouth, before a compliment leaves your lips. You will pay for the perfect feet in your life, its what you’re programmed for now (Mesmerize – foot slave training – financial domination – foot tease – dangling)

Length: 15:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Value of My Feet

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