KaylaJaneDanger – Taking over the Company

Thank you for calling me in for this interview, it’s not often I get to interview for a Husband & Wife business partnership. You can see I’ve got a very unique track record, it’s so impressive, that your wife has thrown hesitation out the window. As I cross and uncross my legs & dangle my stilettos while talking about what makes me the best candidate for the job one of you is already in a daze and can’t stop staring at at my legs & dangling heels. You see …No man can resist, you can’t look away, it makes you weaker and weaker. Watch what happens as I make you just as aroused as you are mesmerized, and as soon as one shoe is off you are worshiping at my feet with no regard for your wife, she has faded away. You give in completely worshiping my feet and at the snap of my fingers you are stroking slowly then feverishly and the only way you’ll be allowed to cum is by handing over the company

Length: 10:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Taking over the Company

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