KaylaJaneDanger – Step-Mommy Blackmail-Fantasy

You’re such a drag on my relationship with your fäther! I’ve been trying to play nice and get him to politely nudge you out the nest, but you’re still here living off his money. His and MY money, so let’s not forget we do share a bank account. I see all the receipts, so when I noticed some questionable purchases that neither of us made, I searched your room. Oh don’t be like that. I AM your step-mom after all, your room is in MY house, and your däd would NEVER approve of what I just found! So here’s the deal: Either I show him this and he kicks you out immediately, or I confiscate everything and you do whatever I say. Either way, I win. Your choice! That’s what I thought…. Let’s start with a nice foot rub while we further discuss how abysmally pathetic you are and go over how things will be from here on out.

Length: 10:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

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