KaylaJaneDanger – Mindfucked by My Feet for Life

You love my feet, once you found them you knew you had found “THE FEET” you’d been searching for your whole life, the perfect feet to worship, and it doesn’t hurt that I am so beautiful, and know exactly the kind of power these feet have over you. You’re drawn to my feet, I’ve had you trained so well, without even knowing it you’ve been programmed, triggered, by my pictures, my social media, my videos, my live-sessions, you’ve been molded into an easily triggered goon always cycling for my feet. Here you are eyes glued to my wiggling toes and you are falling down the rabbit hole. These feet mesmerize you so quickly and have your cock throbbing as their power washes over you. You’re brought to the edge by these wiggling toes, by these high arches. You are reminded that every time you try to run away, or compare these feet to another’s they always come out on top, these feet always draw you back in, they are the greatest feet, and you cannot afford to fall out of favor for them. So you will stroke for them like a mesmerized goon, programming your pleasure for my feet over and over again, reenforcing those triggers and making your mind and body enslaved to my feet forever.

Length: 10:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mindfucked by My Feet for Life

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