KaylaJaneDanger – Mesmerized by Wiggling Toes

Once you gaze upon my perfect feet, those cute little wiggling toes, you will never be able to look away, you are drawn to look deeper, to focus harder, to watch my toes as they wiggle and wave, to lose yourself in their motion, to fall into a totally mind fucked sub space where you surrender to my every command. You will worship my feet, falling deeper and deeper under their spell as you lick and kiss and suck them, you addiction growing stronger as you trace the wrinkles of my soles with your tongue. Your body aches with desire and the compulsion to surrender, to submit, to serve your Goddess, this higher power. I instruct you how to stroke to the wiggling of my toes, every stroke drawing you deeper, you relinquish control, you surrender to my perfect feet, I absorb your free will with every stroke and you become weaker, more submissive, completely under the control of my perfect feet, my wiggling toes, and when you cum for these iconic feet, you will exist in this subspace forever, completely mind washed for these feet, programmed for only these feet, desperate for another fix, of these incredible feet. Cum and become my drone, my foot robot, my foot slave forever.

Length: 16:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mesmerized by Wiggling Toes

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