KaylaJaneDanger – From Ex-Boyfriend to Indebted (Foot) Slave Forever

It’s amazing, I had seen your name on my finance’s staff list and I could hardly believe my eyes. When we dated I tried to motivate you to work harder and earn my love, but you failed to earn enough. I drained you then discarded you, and my life just got better and better, while yours as we can see has devolved into your current predicament where you are in a debt contract and are currently serving your term as my finance’s slave. Of all the people who could have picked up your debt contract, isn’t it your luck that it was my fiancé who took on your debt? Well now that I am moving in, and we are getting married in a few months, I guess you will be my slave as well, and knowing you, this contract will just keep getting extended because no matter how much you claimed to hate me when I left you, you can’t get enough of me and my Dominant attitude and my incredible life, you just need to be a part of it, even if it means licking my shoes clean, worshiping my feet, scrubbing my floors and toilets and BEING MY SLAVE FOREVER!

Length: 9:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

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