KaylaJaneDanger – Forever Wrecked by your Ex-wife

I might be your ex but it’s obvious why you’d be calling me before your dates, the thing is you caught me getting ready for a date as well, and when you see what I’m wearing tonight, watching me put on those nylons the way I do, you have no self control! I know you’ll be stroking so I take advantage of your weakness for me and my nylon legs. I tease you while you stroke reprogramming you to call me before any and every date, to drain your balls to keep you useless to these dates of yours. You’re too desperate to stroke and cum for me that you’ll do anything, even give up sex with other women, such is life when I’m your ex-wife.

Length: 11:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Forever Wrecked by your Ex-wife

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