KaylaJaneDanger – Finally Worshiping your Best Friend’s Wife

I’m so much more than your best friend’s wife, and I’m so glad you finally took me up on my offer to ‘meet up’ without or significant others so that I can fully ensnare you in your own fantasy. You think you’re the first of my hubby’s friends to get caught watching me or lusting after me? Hardly! You will be so easy to manipulate as I tease you with my long legs and pretty feet, slowly removing my sexy high heels one by one, your eyes are locked and focused as you are transported from your reality directly into your ultimate fantasy … SHE is finally Dominating you, she is speaking to you, instructing you exactly how to worship HER perfect feet! You feel your cock getting hard but know that touching yourself isn’t allowed, as you obey her commands and worship those feet from your dreams, even if it means becoming her slave for life. She’s not just your best friend’s wife, she is Goddess Kayla and she will be your priority, everything for her at the snap of HER fingers … it’s your dream come true, your fantasy come true and you’ll do anything to keep it that way.

Length: 15:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

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