KaylaJaneDanger – Center of Attention

I caught you, like so many men before you, staring at my feet, at my dangling shoes in public. Silly you, you fell into my little scheme. You are just a weak man with a foot fetish, how were you to know that you would happen upon the most perfect feet on the most powerful woman. You stopped in your tracks and gawking I took you in, controlled your focus, made it deeper, guided you deeper with every breath, every swish and sway of my pointed stiletto dangling from the tips of my toes. You go deeper and deeper for me and before you know it you’re completely under my control. Doing everything I command as if it was imprinted in you long ago, programing that was always meant to be. You sniff then worship my feet exactly as your instructed, you lose yourself, tunnel vision drawing you deeper into my feet, the sound of my voice guiding you, the snap of my fingers pulling you deeper. You will give up your autonomy, you will become a slave to these feet, every lick every suck every taking you deeper until you find yourself stroking in front of a crowd without a care in the world, anything for my feet, anything to go deeper. When you’re done, I don’t let you go, I let you awaken as you cum to a crowd of people, and you’re beaming with pride, knowing all of them saw you worshiping MY FEET, jerking off for ME, under my control, by my permission…. And you’ll leave here on my leash just like you deserve.

Length: 14:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

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