KaylaJaneDanger – Boss’s Paid Vacation

It’s vacation time for me, which means you will be at the office working even harder so I don’t have to. I’ve got your schedule and tasks all sorted out for my time away and I know how eager you are to get to work, to make it all happen while I’m gone so that you might receive some kind of reward upon my return. You will be so excited to hear the level of responsibilities I’ve given you during my trip, and that your skills and training as my office foot slave will come in handy. While i tell you about your tasks you will be put to work on my perfect stockinged feet massaging them and licking them so you don’t forget how they feel or taste while I’m gone. Who know’s do well and you might even earn a promotion

Length: 10:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Boss’s Paid Vacation

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