KaylaJaneDanger – Be My Stocking Slave Forever

I have purchased you as my stocking slave, You will do all kinds of foot, leg and hosiery related tasks, and when not in use you will be locked away in a cage in my shoe closet You will sort and clean my high heels and hosiery, I will have you trained so well the scent and taste of hosiery will be your sustenance . Every day you will be my foot stool, you will massage and worship my feet, my high heels, your life will revolve around me you will need nothing else to survive. In fact, the most important part of your training has yet to be revealed. From now on you will eat only my worn nylons, once I’m done with them, once they are ruined beyond repair, they will become your breakfast lunch and dinner. It will be hard at first, and it will take time but you will get used to it your body will get used to it, and it will sustain you, You will crave them. You will develop a taste for only the best just like your Goddess … you will become the perfect little stocking slut.

Length: 10:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Be My Stocking Slave Forever

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