KaylaJaneDanger – After Work Worship

You await me eagerly at the end of each work day, on your knees, hands on your lap, ready to be triggered deep into sub space. You know these pantyhose feet have been marinating in these high heel patent leather pumps all day, developing the aroma you crave the most, the one that makes your dick stand at attention, the one that makes you obey any command. Sniffing and surrendering to my smelly pantyhose feet never loses it’s shine, it never gets old, just gets better and better as you grow more and more addicted to the scent and the taste. Once I see your eyes glazed over I allow you to worship my pretty pantyhose feet, licking over my pantyhose soles, sucking my pantyhose toes. Once you’ve made a sloppy mess of my pantyhose I remove them and leave you with instructions for how to stroke for my perfect footsies and drive yourself deeper down the rabbit hole

Length: 10:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – After Work Worship

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