KaylaJaneDanger – Activated by Oily Feet

Watch as oil drips over my beautiful feet, over and between my toes, over the curves of my soles, and I rub my feet together, making them slick and shiny. Your eyes are glued, and when I start alternating popping the balls of my feet in front of your face, captivating your attention, completely mesmerizing you. You will worship and obey these oily feet, I will take you to the edge before you ever touch yourself, then take you through an oily foot JOI that deepens your dependence on these feet with every stroke. You are on the brink through this whole video, with only one way out of eternal edging, But no matter what, your mind is forever fucked for my feet, you will live and work for my feet, and of course PAY MY FEET and you are just another one of my foot slaves now, what an honor that is for you

Length: 12:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Activated by Oily Feet

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