KaylaJaneDanger – A night to remember

The WHOLE NIGHT It’s date night and you caught me motioning my legs, making us late as always, but it’s so worth it isn’t it. See how shiny and silky my legs look, just think of how they’ll feel rubbing up against you under the table while we dine. Think of the way all the men and women will stop and stare when I walk into the restaurant… in that little new dress you bought me! It was going to be a surprise but since you’re already distracted I may as well take off my robe, and show you the new lingerie I got on your credit card, and get you even more worked up, stroking for my legs and the power they have over you … will we even make it to dinner, through dinner? Dinner was perfect, and so exciting, feeling my soft legs made keeping your erection throughout the whole dining experience easy, now that we’re home you’ll finally get to worship these silky supple legs, with your hands and your mouth, as you wait for my instructions to stroke again. You will surrender so completely to these legs that there’s no going back. You’ll be my leg slave for life.

Length: 20:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

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