GinarysKinkyAdventures – Mom & Daughter Lesbian Foot Fun – FULL

Part 1… Sexy MILF Slyyy is sitting on the couch in her pink robe and slippers as her step-daughter Natalie Charm walks in after a night of clubbing. Natalie complains of the pains from dancing all night in heels, and Slyyy decides to give a little motherly love to her step-daughter’s aching feet. Step-Mom removes Natalie’s heels and starts massaging her sore soles. Natalie thanks her step-mom and then walks off.. Natalie is now naked in her bedroom, masturbating as she watches lesbian foot porn on her tablet. Getting all hot and horny, Natalie decides she needs some real feet, and not just porn. She crawls her way into her step-mom’s bedroom, and then starts to slowly and sensually worship Slyyy’s napping feet. Natalie plays with her pussy as she licks and sucks all over her step-mother’s feet. After Natalie cums, she crawls off back to her room, and Slyyy slowly wakes up and starts to rub her pussy… Part 2… Later on that night, step-mom is feeling a little horny herself, so Slyyy decides to crawl naked into her step-daughter’s room. Natalie Charm lay napping as her step-mother starts to sensually worship her feet. Slyyy starts feeling up on herself as she worships her step-daughter’s feet. Step-Mom screams loud from cumming, waking up her step-daughter. Natalie then starts playing with her pussy as her step-mom continues to worship her feet. Slyyy even licks her step-daughter’s pussy and asshole in between sucking and licking on her feet. The girls switch positions, and Natalie returns the favor on her step-mom. After they’re both fully satisfied, they both vow to keep it a secret.

Length: 31:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

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