GinarysKinkyAdventures – Jessica & Katy Sexy Lesbian Foot Worship

Katy Faery and Jessica Marie lay on the bed watching shows on the tv as they wiggle their toes on the bed. Katy notices Jessica looking at her feet, and asks if she’s looking. Jessica denies it, but Katy starts to tease her with her soles and toes, and asks again if she’s looking at her feet. Jessica admits she is and how nice Katy’s feet are. Katy tells Jessica she likes her feet too, and they start to rub their feet together as they lay on the bed. Katy and Jessica kiss as they rub their soles and toes together, then Jessica gets on her knees and starts to worship and suck Katy’s toes. Katy moans and lays back as Jessica licks and worships every bit of her soles. Jessica lays back and Katy returns the favor – getting ALL of Jessica’s toes in her mouth – sucking them all. Katy and Jessica suck each others feet at the same time, then Jessica lays back and sucks Katy’s toes as Katy rubs Jessica’s pussy with her foot until she cums.

Length: 40:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

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