GinarysKinkyAdventures – Gia, Ginary, & Mandie – Tongue Fun FULL

Part 1… Mandie Maytag and Gia Love lick each others tongues, and show off their long sexy tongues. They lick each other back and forth, working their tongues all around each other. Ginary sits in the middle of them, and all three ladies rub their tongues together. Ginary, Gia, and Mandie lick each other over and over, using all of their sexy tongues. Ginary sits back and lets Gia and Mandie lick her face while she enjoys their soft tongues on her skin. Part 2… Ginary lays back comfortably on the couch with Mandie and Gia at her feet, worshipping every inch of her sexy soles. Mandie and Gia go up and down Ginary’s soles, getting her feet nice and wet with their shiny spit. They lick all in between her toes, and suck on them moaning as they enjoy worshipping her feet. Ginary turns around showing off her cute ass as Mandie and Gia continue to worship her sexy soles!

Length: 20:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Gia, Ginary, & Mandie – Tongue Fun FULL

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