FootTongueMouthAndVore – The Business Training Presentation (FF Foot Worship)

This was a custom clip based on the following script:

Opening shot shows Alice & Riley are at a table sitting beside one another, they each have a pen and notepad. Hannah is across the room from them standing up and delivering to them a very boring office training presentation, she is mainly focused on the board/TV with the presentation, so not paying Alice & Riley attention to anything they’re doing. (They both have a hand supporting their own face to show how bored they are, and each playing with their pens in some fashion with the other hand.)

Shot now cuts to under the table, we can fully see their legs & footwear. (From the viewer’s POV, Alice is on the left, Riley on the right.) Hannah’s dialogue is now turned down to a murmur where we no longer know what words she is saying. (Can be a short sound clip put on repeated loop, just so we know she is still talking, but neither of us have to makeup actual stuff for her to say.)

Alice wants to have some fun, and crosses her right leg over her left, then quietly as possible, moves to unzip her right boot, pull it off, then the sock. After a quick flex of her foot and wriggle of her toes, she starts to rub her foot from the bottom of Riley’s shoed foot, slowly & sensually working her way up her leg and back down again. Cut to a reaction shot from Riley looking under the desk, and then to Alice, her face doesn’t react or change at all. Shot is now back under the desk as before, we see her foot move up and down some more times, changing between us seeing her foot-top and sole as it rubs up and down, she then goes up & down Riley’s left leg (at least as far as she can reach it) when going back to the right leg the final time before cutting, she puts her foot under the trouser leg, and takes it up as far as she can for some skin-on-skin contact. Cut to another reaction shot from Riley, who tugs at her shirt and jacket, to suggest she is getting hot under the collar and starting to enjoy this!

Shot is now back under the desk as before, Riley now crosses her legs, and Alice slowly & sensually uses her foot to pop-off one of Riley’s heels, after the two feet briefly rubbing against one another, Riley now does what Alice did earlier, rubbing her foot up & down her leg. (This can be shorter and no need for reaction shots.) Then suddenly, we see Hannah’s legs walk into the shot (she has finally caught them out) there is a thud on the table as she hit it to get their attention.

Hannah tells them they’re going to be failed for not paying attention, Alice & Riley say they’ll do anything to get out of it. Hannah tells them to place their feet on top of the table for starters, and then to let her have some fun now. Hannah brings all 4 feet beside one another, and starts to slowly kiss, nibble and lick the two bare feet, shortly after, she then removes the two remaining shoes, so she can enjoy all 4 bare feet. After sometime going to town worshipping them, she says they can come off the table now, and it’s their turn to worship her feet. Alice & Riley each remove a shoe from Hannah and get worshipping. After some time, she says that’s enough and she’ll pass them this time. Closing shot for the last couple of minutes is under the table one last time, all 3 have their footwear on, each immediately take off one shoe from themselves and start rubbing each other’s barefoot and legs, then the last shoes are off and all are barefoot to carry on again. (Plenty of sole side view please.)

Length: 28:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Business Training Presentation (FF Foot Worship)

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