FootTongueMouthAndVore – Movie Night (FF Foot Worship)

Hannah has invited her two friends over for a movie night after work, with Riley and Alice coming straight from the office. Hannah has a foot fetish and has not yet seen her friend’s feet, so she devises a plan. Once they have arrived, she sneaks off and turns her thermostat to the highest it would go making it unbelievably hot in the apartment. She then watches as her two friends get more uncomfortable as time passes. All three start removing layers to cool down (jumpers, jackets and the like *down to bras if possible), but the girls keep their shoes on for now. Hannah then gets some drinks, and while she’s gone, the other two continue to complain about the heat and how they want to take their sweaty shoe and socks off but are worried about the smell after a day in the office. Upon her return with the drinks, Hannah removes her boots and socks, spreading her toes and flexing them before stretching her legs and feet out and suggesting her friends do the same. Riley and Alice join her without telling her (trying to remove their boots and socks without bringing attention to themselves). Once barefoot, Hannah offers the girls a foot massage which turns into them taking turns to tickle and, eventually, worship. In the end, one of the girls stands up and drops her jeans (leaving her in bra and panties *if possible) and suggests continuing the fun in the bedroom; the other two follow her lead and follow to the bedroom.

Length: 45:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Movie Night (FF Foot Worship)

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