BrattyFootGirls – Dalvina & Cleo – Kiss My FEET bitch!

Dalvina is chilling at home after work when her bro’s gf Cleo pops over to see him. She quizzes Dalvina asking where he is, Dalvina already annoyed with her, tells her she’s his gf so she should know. Cleo a little embarrassed tries to make small talk, but Dalvina is not happy with her as she heard from her bartending friend that Cleo was hitting on him last night. She contfronts Cleo about it and Cleo tries to brush it off, but Dalvina has text proof of her cheating ways. Cleo begs her not to tell her bro and Dalvina tells her, she won’t say anything on one condition, that she gets down and starts cleaning her sweaty feet with her tongue and mouth! Cleo winces at the order but has no other choice as Dalvina strips off her sweaty socks and exposes her sexy soles and toes to Cleo. CLeo gets tov work with some kissing before she starts cleaning them off with her tongue, sucking her toes clean and lapping up all her soles sweat much to the younger bratty Dalvina’s standards.

Starring: Queen Dalvina, Goddess Cleo

Length: 12:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dalvina & Cleo – Kiss My FEET bitch!

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