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TAWorship – Sexy School Security Officers Slyyy Punishes Juniper the Thief

What happens when Juniper Berry gets caught stealing once again? Is she going to be taken to the principal’s office and possibly get expelled? Or will security officer Slyyy make her an offer she can’t refuse? Juniper takes the offer and starts massaging Slyyy’s tired nylon clad feet in foot worship that’s just about to get amazing. Rubbing leads to sniffing, then the pantyhose gets peeled off of Slyyy’s long legs, and then the fun really begins. Enjoy this sensual punishment of licking and toe sucking that welcomes us back to regular updates.

Length: 16:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – Napping Beauty Delilah Gets An Unexpected Foot Worship

Laying down on the couch for an afternoon nap, what a great idea, who doesn’t like a mid-day nap? Sexy Delilah thought it was a perfect idea, she was talking on the phone, and even with the warning of a foot stalker in the neighborhood Delilah needed her nap.

Napping Beauty wasn’t napping long before Maddy, The Foot Stalker, slipped into taking advantage of her slumbers. Slowly peeling off the white socks, Maddy starts letting her lusty desire for foot worship swell over her, sucking, licking, and leaving before Delilah wakes.

Length: 15:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – Macy gets an unexpected foot worshipping from Kody

Laying on the couch in lingerie is just what Macy was doing when along came Kody. Two girls in lingerie on a couch, what could possibly happen? Kody touches Macy’s feet and then confesses always having a desire to do certain things to those feet. Each step of the way Kody takes it a little further, sniffing, licking, kissing, and at each step Macy was just protesting very lightly and then enjoying the new sensation.

Length: 15:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

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After the Club Freya’s Feet Needed Some Love from Angeline

The girls dressed in short tight dresses, they go to the club, hoping to have fun and get laid, instead come home empty handed, or do they? Angeline takes care of one problem Freya had, her tired achy feet needed some intensive worshipping and that’s what she gave. Toe sucking, sole licking, slobbering perfection over those perfect feet.

Length: 17:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

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RussianFetish – Witch of foot fetish – I need juicy feet! – Double and solo foot worship

Nonna went to bed and didn’t suspect that the Foot Fetish Witch had already entered her house. The girl in the hood went up to Nonna and stroked her legs. As soon as Nona began to wake up, the witch hid nearby. Nonna heard the noise and went to look for the cause of the rustle. The witch decided not to hesitate and went out to meet the girl, she told her that she’s a witch who gets strength from women’s feet and she needs her legs. Nonna was vigilant and tried to resist the witch, but she dodged and used her power to choke Nonna from a distance with the help of magic and the numb girl fell on a sofa. The witch approached Nonna and fondled her body.
Then the witch at a distance made Nonna stand up and lie on a table, here the witch began to remove Nonna’s shoes and it was time to replenish her strength and lick the girl’s feet. The witch began to greedily kiss her feet and lick her toes. This lasted a long time because her reserve of strength was completely exhausted. The witch lay down on the table and licked her feet in this position again.
Suddenly she heard a noise, someone was approaching the door. Then the witch turned off the light and hid.
Alla entered the door – who was also a foot lover. She saw Nonna lying on the table and laughed madly. The laughter seized her and she was glad that she got such a prey easily. She looked forward to a big feast, sat down on a chair next to her feet, and began to lick Nonna’s feet and toes for a while.
The witch didn’t want to lose her prey and came out of hiding. Alla recognized her, this was her past victim. But she didn’t know all the details. The witch admitted that she wasn’t the girl that Alla knew and that the witch had stolen her body to hunt for girls’ feet.
Alla was insane and didn’t believe her, she attacked the witch to knock her out. The witch laughed and said that this won’t work. She directed her hands to Alla and choked her at a distance with magic, directing her to the table – the girl lay down on a par with Nonna.
After that, two girls were in the witch’s power, she took off shoes from Alla and began to lick her feet. The witch licked two pairs of feet, switching between them.
The witch lay down beside the girls and stuffed her mouth with both feet and licked the toes, drooling. This continued for a very long time until the witch replenished her strength.
In the end, the witch put the girls to rest again and left the house.

Length: 46:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Witch of foot fetish – I need juicy feet! – Double and solo foot worship

RussianFetish – My perverted girlfriend and the call of a new foot fetish Witch

Klavdia comes home upset. She calls her friend and complains about her personal life. Alla on the other end of the line is cheering her friend on. Klavdia calls her friend to visit and Alla willingly agrees.
After a while, Klavdia lets Alla home. Alla is happy and when the girls sit down, she gives Klavdia advice – if everything is bad in your relationships, try to diversify them.
“My boyfriend loves to lick my feet. It’s so nice. Try it the same way!”, Alla advises.
“Yuck! It’s disgusting”, says Klavdia.
Alla is perplexed. And then she offers to try foot fetish right now.
Klavdia backs away from her friend. But Alla is very decisive, she knocks out her so that Klavdia is in a daze. Alla licks and kisses her smelly feet. A little later, Alla calls a foot fetish witch, because she promised her to always sacrifice the girls’ feet.
The foot witch Marica appears in the doorway through smoke and heads towards Alla, pushing her away. Now Marica herself begins to enjoy Klavdia’s feet. Klavdia can only beg to stop.
After a while, Marica orders Alla to lie down next to Klavdia and takes her shoes off. She gives her nail polish and Alla dutifully paints her toenails with it.
After that, Marica charms the girls to freeze and they can only shake and speak quietly. The foot fetish witch enjoys both pairs of feet by licking them and caressing them with her tongue.
After that, she takes a selfie with the girls’ feet and laughs at them. She takes off the girls’ outerwear and bites and kisses their bellies. Marica also lifts Alla’s bra and bites her nipples. She enjoys the girls’ bodies and finally uses her spell one last time and leaves them alone.

Length: 36:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – My perverted girlfriend and the call of a new foot fetish Witch