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TAWorship – Kellys Sore Feet

Kelly's parents have cut her off and she had to get a job, wear heels and be on her feet all day. Her feet are so sore but Naomi has the cure for sore tired feet. She takes off her heels and pantyhose to get at her soft gorgeous soles. Kelly forgets all about her tiring job as Naomi pampers and turns her on.

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Download – Kellys Sore Feet

TAWorship – Ivory Soles

I had so many customers ask me to get Ivory Soles and specifically to get her with Naomi. Well, finally was able to get it done!  Naomi definitely is a fan too and follows her Instagram and absolutely could not wait to get Ivory's gorgeous soles in her mouth. Naomi devours them and soaks them, this video is hot!

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Download – Ivory Soles

TAWorship – I Want Some Too

Sunshine definitely misses doing a lot of the worship and she definitely feels a little left out when it comes to Naomi. Many of the other girls have had the chance to suck on Naomi's soles and Sunshine wants some of Naomi too!

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Download – I Want Some Too

TAWorship – Cleo Gets Off

Cleo is a very conservative teacher who is very concerned for her students performance in class and she has taken a special interest in Stefania who is definitely falling behind and seems uninterested in doing the work. Cleo meets with her but all Stefania wants to know is why Ms Cleo seems so uptight. She offers her a foot rub and Cleo reluctantly agrees. Soon Stefania has her feet in her mouth and Cleo is overcome with lust and gets really turned. She exposes her tits and can't help but touch herself. She cums just from worship but then gets even more turned on and starts to touch her pussy through her panties and she rubs Stefania with her feet.

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Download – Cleo Gets Off

TAWorship – Bigger Bully

Naomi is sick of the neighborhood bully Maria always making her worship her feet and making her do her homework. Well Naomi's amazon cousin is in town and Naomi calls Maria to tell her that she needs to leave her alone or else Ivy will come over and handle her. Maria laughs and tells her to send her right over, she is the toughest girl in town. Well Ivy comes over and towers over Maria, even her size 12 feet are huge and much bigger than Maria's. Maria tries to play it cool and acts like she isn't afraid but Ivy soon puts her in her place and her feet in Maria's mouth!

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Download – Bigger Bully

TAWorship – Amazing Smell

Maia and Indica have been working out and Maia is afraid to take off her sneakers, she thinks her feet stink now that they are all sweaty. Indica tells her not to worry, in fact, she thinks that someone as sexy as Maia must have amazing feet that smell amazing too. Maia takes off a sneaker and lets Indica smell them. Indica cannot believe how amazing they smell and cant stop. Maia is a little turned on lets Indica have her way with her sexy soles. Indica can't stop smelling, sucking and drooling all over Maia's feet.

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Download – Amazing Smell

PleasuresOfTheSole – Sofie’s Sexy Soles

Sofie is a 19 year old college student who just started modeling. She's never done anything fetish related before so this is a first for her. Her size 8.5 feet are are hot â€soft and slender soles that taper to long toes, her nails painted purple, and plenty of wrinkles when she curls her toes.

Storm slowly glides her tongue up the sole of Sofie's left foot, and the reaction is immediate. She gasps involuntarily and lets out a sigh of pleasure. Her feet are VERY sensitive and it turns out she loves the feeling of another woman's warm tongue on her arches. SOFIE LOVES IT EVEN MORE WHEN STORM WRAPS HER SOFT LIPS AROUND SEVERAL OF HER TOES AND SUCKS ON THEM ALL AT ONCE! She bites her lip and arches her back, moaning with arousal. Her head bobs up and down in time with Storm's movements as the lusty redhead sucks on both of her big toes at once. Sofie is also TICKLISH and she laughs out loud whenever Storm nibbles on her soles too hard or tickles them with her sharp nails!

As the sessions progresses, Sofie becomes more and more turned on, and the hornier she gets, the more sensitive her feet become! Soon Storm's tongue feels good and tickles at the same time, causing Sofie to react with a sexy mixture of moans and giggles. Storm alternately worships and teases her feet until she's had her fill of this foot worship virgin's sexy soles.

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Duration: 9:13.666
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Download – Sofie's Sexy Soles

PleasuresOfTheSole – Samantha’s Ticklish Soles Worshipped

Samantha is an innocent 20 year old Latina with a GORGEOUS pair of size 8 feet! She's never had her feet worshipped before and is completely naïve to what foot worship actually is. Kelli knows showing her is much easier than having to explain it, so she strips Samantha down to her bra and panties, gets her on the bed, and gives her a thorough demonstration! The second Samantha feels Kelli's warm tongue sliding up her arch, you can tell this Latina's turned on. SHE GASPS AND BITES HER LIP, TRYING TO HOLD BACK, A BIT EMBARRASSED BY HOW MUCH SHE ENJOYS ANOTHER WOMAN KISSING HER FEET, BUT THERE IS NO DENYING IT. Kelli coos knowingly and takes her toes into her mouth, gently sucking them as Samantha looks on, fascinated and excited at the same time. Kelli takes her time with the hot Latina's stunning feet, making sure to explore every last wrinkle on her soles. Of course, Samantha's feet are as ticklish as they are sensitive, and Kelli can't help but tease the ticklish skin with her teeth and fingernails. Samantha squeals and laughs hysterically, but Kelli loves to tease, and tickles her feet a few more times. After an extended foot worship session, Kelli can't help but trick the newbie into flipping onto her stomach. She traps Samantha's sexy soles between her thighs and tickles the hell out of them!! The poor girl completely freaks out – SHE CAN'T TAKE THE TICKLING AND STRUGGLES LIKE CRAZY, BUT KELLI'S GOT HER FEET LOCKED TIGHT, AND THERE'S NO ESCAPE! Samantha learns the hard way that foot worship always comes with a price.

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Download – Samantha's Ticklish Soles Worshipped

PleasuresOfTheSole – Israeli Exchange Student

Lilith is a hot goth girl with gorgeous and INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE size 7.5 feet! Like most goth girls, Lilith keeps her pampered feet hidden beneath socks and boots, making the soles of her feet supple and wonderfully soft. SHES EMBARRASSED OF HER WRINKLED FEET and is afraid Bianca will hate them, but she is shocked when she compliments her peds and willing puts them in her mouth AND SHES EVEN MORE SHOCKED AT HOW GOOD IT FEELS.

LILITHS NEVER HAD HER FEET TOUCHED INTIMATELY, shes never had any sexual experiences with other females besides the occasional kiss, so this is new territory all around for the hot goth. Bianca pops her big toe in her mouth, smiling knowingly as Lilith is unable to hide her reactions, HER EYES GROWING WIDE AS SHE GASPS FROM THE RUSH OF PLEASURE SHOOTING UP HER LEGS! Bianca runs her warm tongue up her silky soles, tasting her salty scent, swirling her tongue in her arches and on the balls of her feet. Lilith cant contain herself and is soon cooing and moaning with pleasure, her eyes locked on Biancas mouth, watching in lustful fascination as her feet are devoured. THE SENSATIONS ARE SO INTENSE THAT LILITHS EYES ROLL IN THE BACK OF HER HEAD SEVERAL TIMES DURING THE SCENE, ESPECIALLY WHEN HER TOES AND ARCHES ARE AGGRESSIVELY WORSHIPPED. She tosses her head back and moans with excitement when Bianca first deep-throats all five of her toes, THEN SUCKS ON ALL TEN TOES OF HER AT ONCE, the hot scene causing both girls to moan hotly. MMMM Lilith coos as she crosses her ankles so Bianca has better access to her arches and toes. By the time the lusty redheads had her fill, Liliths feet are covered in saliva and her legs are shivering from the pleasure.

Liliths feet are very sensitive and that means theyre also VERY TICKLISH! Bianca wants to see if she can make this goth hottie crack a smile so she puts her crossed ankles in an inescapable headlock and viciously tickles her feet! LILITH EXPLODES WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER, screaming and struggling wildly as Bianca rakes her sharp fingernails up and down her silky soles, TICKLING THE HYSTERICAL GIRL UNTIL SHES DESPERATELY BEGGING FOR HER TO STOP!

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Download – Israeli Exchange Student